Dreaming Of Moving To A New City?


Let's unpack your moving fears together! Certified Life Coach and Professional Organizer (with a niche in residential transitions), I can help validate that it's a smart move!

Having moved 18 times in the last 23 years to 5 of America's top cities, my coaching can help you go from feeling like you might be making a huge, expensive mistake, to feeling confident in your decision to stay, press pause for a bit or better yet, pick a moving date!

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Did you know...

The average American will move 11.7 times in their life? 

*If you figure out what constitutes as 0.7 of a move, please let me know. 

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You Can Get There!

The FRED Framework will help you figure out:

  • If you should stay where you are today, working on you before you embark on this new adventure
  • If you should press pause until you're confident in all areas of FRED, armed with a plan to get there by this time next year
  • If you are ready to start working with a Realtor, comparing movers and booking a date to move

The Framework

Before making a big change like moving or switching careers, it's important to consider four key areas. In exploring each of FRED's 4 pillars, you can key into where you might need to do more work prior to making a move.

Using FRED



We talk through the FRED principles, on-air coaching, US city spotlights, interviews & some of my favorite tips, tricks, and scams to avoid when moving. Find us on both Apple & Spotify Podcast Platforms.

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The Digital Course

Be one of the first to get access to 6 modules that will guide you like a roadmap to figuring out if you should move. You give me feedback, I'll give you the lowest price it will ever be. *Limited time offer*

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The 1:1  Coaching

Complimenting the digital course, we can work one-on-one to figure out how to get you unstuck and on the right course. Be warned, I'm easy to talk to but I will also challenge you a bit but it's for your own good. 

Work Together

The FRED Framework

For the independent but indecisive individual dreaming about moving...

F is for Finances

In a dream world you would be debt free, in a beach front property with tons of savings in the bank but reality doesn't often mirror that. There are so many questions that need to be answered prior to seeing if it makes financial sense to move. Here are a few of them:

Can I afford to move? What expenses will I run into? When is the right time based on my finances? Should I use movers or DIY it?  Should I go back to school first? What's the cost of living in my dream city compared to where I live now? Can I afford to take a pay cut to get my dream job?

Let's do a 'proof of concept' (POC) to see if you're really ready to move to that new city or if waiting a few more months will get you in a better financial position to go after your dreams!


R is for Robustness



  1. the quality or condition of being strong and in good condition.
  2. the ability to withstand or overcome adverse conditions or rigorous testing.

Let's face it, moving sucks. Physically and mentally, it's just a lot to process and it seems to take forever. It's stressful under good circumstances, much less layering on the anxiety of spending more money than you're comfortable with in a housing shortage crisis, right? Let's talk through what's normal during a move, what issues could arise, & how you can prepare to overcome them ahead of time. Moving is also physically taxing even if you are in good shape and hire movers! Let's talk about how you can prepare your body so you don't pull a hammy bringing your boxes to the staging area.

E is for Ecosystem

It's easy to overlook the everyday conveniences that you currently have in your environment. When choosing a new city- let's make a plan so you thrive in this new environment by asking yourself some simple questions like:

  • What are my 'must haves' in this new home or area?
  • Will I find peace here? Joy?
  • How close are my family and friends?
  • How will my routine change on the daily in this new place?

If you don't explore stuff like this ahead of time, you're setting yourself up for the 6-Month-Funk and trust me friends, it can get ugly. Search 'How they treated nostalgia in the 17th-19th centuries,' it's disturbing.

D for Dreams

 "A goal without a plan is just a wish." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Ambition is put on your heart for a reason- we'll reverse engineer you into that life! Is this move getting me closer to achieving my spiritual, financial, creative, crazy, big, hairy, audacious goals and dreams? It better be! 

You should keep two mentors in your life- a Licensed Clinical Therapist and a Certified Life Coach. A Therapist is like an Archaeologist where they dig up the bones of the past and try to make sense of it all. A Life Coach is like an Architect that takes you from your blueprints and where you are today, to helping you design the future of your dreams. You are the construction crew that takes those new blueprints and builds that life. Sometimes you get stuck figuring out and overthinking that dream.

Lean in...It just might be soooo scary that you're not ready to put it out in the universe yet but it would be awesome. Don't worry, I can keep a secret...but you might not want to keep it a secret by the end of our time together! The spirit of YOLO will live on...even though the catchphrase is dead. (It is right? Please kill it. Please.)

A Roadmap To Use

When Deciding To Move

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Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Future?

This digital course will walk you through a framework that I've used to decide if the move I'm making is a smart one. I will walk you through 4 key areas that will set you up for success in your new city. At a high level:

  • The Dream
  • The Plan
  • The Move

With a simple shift in your mindset, some smart money practices, and a little preparation... you could start living the life of your dreams sooner.

Are You Ready?

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This Framework Is For You If...

  • You really want to move but not sure if you should
  • You think you can afford it but you're not sure
  • You don't know anyone where you want to move
  • You wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of 
  • You wish you had someone that can prepare you for what comes with a big interstate move
  • You don't know the difference between an intrastate and an interstate move
  • You're still reading these reasons & nodding your head (wink, wink)

"Mariette has supported me since day 1 over the last year and a half. She continuously adds value and resolution to all the challenges I come to her with. Having a trusted mentor like Mariette helps me feel more secure and heard, enabling me to grow and become a better version of myself."

- Steph S., Philly, PA

"I was seriously walking up the stairs and thought 'what would I have done without her. She literally knew me so well and helped me move knowing I'd be overwhelmed and not get it done by Monday. I thought wow, I am so lucky to have had her help"

- Tricia D.
Bloomington, IL

"Mariette talked me through what I was going through & listened rather than tell me what she 'thought' I needed. Brought out what was already there and more."

Daniel Z.
Fort Wayne, IN

"You gave me advice that I used for years & passed on to so many other sales people when I was asked about my success...You gave me the nuts and bolts - no fluff.’

- Nadene C.
Chicago, IL

"You are the best, seriously so grateful for your insight!!!" 

- Meredith W., Tampa, FL

I'm Mariette Frey

After moving numerous times within Illinois, moving to California was a way different experience. Even moving from San Diego to San Francisco came with a different set of rules but I joyfully embarked on all these adventures, even annoying some New Yorkers along the way. I eventually made it to Charlotte, NC so in total, I've got 18 moves in 23 years (to 5 of America's top cities all across the country) under my sparkly little belt. I complimented my experience with a Life Coaching Certification through Life Purpose Institute, becoming a Certified Professional Organizer specializing in Residential Transitions, and getting my Financial Master Coach Certification through the Ramsey Organization.

Now I use what I've learned to help young adults, find that 'pinch me, I live here' feeling that you get when you walk down to the sandy shores of San Diego on a warm winter afternoon. Or watch a sunset from your back porch in Charlotte. Or introducing an old friend to your new favorite restaurant (@Haberdish) in what finally feels like home.

I sought out to become the mentor & consultant I wish I had when I was in my 20's and 30's moving from place to place looking for my joy. I want to help you find your place way sooner than I did so you can enjoy it longer. But if it's not a HECK YES, it's a NO. It will be magical when you're ready and the universe will let you know.

Cheers to future you from future me! XO, Mariette

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