Are You Dreaming Of Moving To Another City...

But you can't seem to pull the trigger? You want someone to validate that it's a smart move & don't have anyone with experience to ask? With Mariette's coaching through the FRED framework, you'll go from feeling like you might be making a huge, expensive mistake, to feeling confident in your decision to either move, press pause for a few months until you are set in all 4 key areas of FRED, or stay right where you are, fully content in your decision.


 "A goal without a plan is just a wish." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Where Would You Like To Start?

The Framework

There are many questions to mull over when you're considering a move. There are four areas to be clear on when making your decision to relocate or make a career move...


The MOTM Podcast

One stop shop where we talk through the questions in the FRED framework, career discussions, on-air 1:1 coaching, US city spotlights & some of my favorite things!


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Who is FRED?

The FRED Framework

For the independent but indecisive individual dreaming about moving...

F is for Finances

Can I afford to move? What expenses will I run into? When is the right time based on my finances? Should I use movers or DIY it?  Should I go back to school first? What's the cost of living in my dream city compared to where I live now? Can I afford to take a pay cut to get my dream job?

R is for Robustness



  1. the quality or condition of being strong and in good condition.
  2. the ability to withstand or overcome adverse conditions or rigorous testing.

E is for Ecosystem

Will I thrive in this new environment? What are my 'must haves' in this new home or area? Do they have the right doctors, schools, sports, pet-friendly places here? Will I find peace here? What are my intentions in this new environment?

D for Dreams

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." Ambition is put on your heart for a reason- we'll reverse engineer you into that life! Is this move getting me closer to achieving my spiritual, financial, creative, crazy, big hairy audacious goals and dreams? 

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