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Episode 1 of Mariette's On The Move, The Podcast IS UP!!!

Jan 09, 2023

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Mariette's On The Move is LAUNCHED!! This is the very first episode and I couldn't be more excited. On this episode, we talk a little about my experience in moves, my FRED Framework and how to get an earworm out of your head (read the article on Wikihow).

In the episode, I mention the songs 'No Thief Like Fear' and 'Fear is Easy, Love is Hard' off Jason Gray's "A Way To See In The Dark" album. I also reference #4 on that album, listen to it HERE, I want to surprise you with what it is though, it was my theme song for a long time. I'm hoping to convince him to be on the show today, he's got some cool stories.

I also mention my friend and Hypnotherapist, Kryssa Bowman out of Bozeman, MT. I can't wait to have her on the show too- we had an amazing conversation about all the different 'parts' of ourselves on a magical drive up to Big Sky, MT where we had a retreat with some of the loveliest people from all over the country. A few years back she made me a personalized meditation that I still use today- she's awesome. You'll love her!

Creating a life you don't want to escape from is one of the things we'll be talking about on this show. We'll be taking a granular look at how to optimize your life in your new city, thriving in your new career. What is your Higher Self telling pushing you to pursue? Is your pesky subconscious keeping you safe and grounded? Your subconscious can be a jerk- it likes to keep you safe where you are instead of having you pursue your dreams. It's not as hard as you think.

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If you want to keep in touch, jump on the Mariette's On The Move website and register for my FRED Freebie that gives you a few questions to start out with in every area of FRED. I'll dig into them on future episodes. Connect with me on the Mariette's On The Move LinkedIn page, on my personal page, my Instagram or my Facebook page. If you'd like to support the show, simply check out my affiliate pages linked above, by yourself some schwag and tag me on social when you open the box! Not celebrating Dry January? No problem, join my Scout & Cellar Wine Club to get some organic or biodynamic wines sourced from all over the world. Now, GET MOVING!


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