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The Trailer for 'Mariette's On The Move, The Podcast' is up!

Jul 25, 2022

I'm super excited to talk about this 2 year passion project of mine! I've been dreaming about doing my own podcast after listening to soo many epic podcasts over the year! At first, I wanted to just talk about moving given that I have A LOT of experience in it! I've moved 18 times in the last 22 years, 5 times across the country, and some were easy, some were hard. Overall, I loved exploring new cities and states and can say with 100% confidence that moving sucks...but it doesn't have to! Over the course of 6 months, I had several people tell me that I should be a Life Coach. I didn't really know what a Life Coach was but I knew that my life wasn't traditional so I wasn't sure how much it warranted me coaching others around it! Most people don't move as much as I do, but along the way, I've mentored and coached a ton of people around not only moving- but thriving in the career they have or moving into the career they want. That's why I'm combining the two. I've got a very long list of people I want to interview and work with, but I'm going to start out by doing some shorties to give everyone the basis of my framework and from there, the world is our oyster. So let's get moving. Pop over to Apple or Spotify and listen to the trailer for 'Mariette's On The Move, The Podcast' where we'll talk about all things living and thriving in your dream city or dream job or both!

Mariette's On The Move

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