The FRED Framework Workbook

Let's do a little work towards your dreams today...

Are you sitting in your 9-5 every day dreaming about moving to some fabulous city that you've only ever visited once but can't stop picturing yourself there? I've been there...and then I moved there! San Diego was amazing...but...I wish someone would have warned me that my movers would hold all my possessions hostage before I got there! I bet you'd love those kinds of warnings too... 

Listen, I'm sure you can figure this out as you go along. You're independent and have the internet. But if you really want to start thinking this through, like- potentially putting an action plan together and actually go after your dreams- there are 4 areas of your life to take into consideration before you go throwing caution to the wind. These 4 pillars will build you a solid foundation before you move, or you might get there and have some serious regrets...and we don't doooooo regrets, do we? NOPE!!! We prepare in advance so you can roll into (insert your dream city here) LIKE A BOSS!! 

Let's Do This!

Start Answering The Age Old Question... "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?"

This valuable resource will help you start exploring your dream and if you're financially, mentally, and physically prepared to make a big move to a new city & state. These are the principles of the FRED Framework.

Money in the bank isn't always the sign you should make the move. On top of what it will cost you, are you making the move for the right reasons? Do you think saving for another 6 months would help? Let's figure out what the real costs are so you know what you're saving for.

Think mentally, physically & spiritually fit. Are you a ball of nerves because you're afraid it's not the right move or do you need to go because you're a ball of nerves here. How else is that manifesting in your body? Spiritually, you want to feel at peace with a new chapter in your life. Do you?

After all the new sparkle wears off of a city, what do you need in your everyday life in this new place to get you thriving quicker? What are ways you can network if you know no one where you want to go? Or you want to go really deep and figure out where to live within that city to optimize your schedule. Get it on paper... 

What is your big scary audacious goal (BHAG)? What's holding you back from pursuing it? If it doesn't scare the sh*t out of you, it's probably not big enough. If it DOES...write every last detail down and let's see what putting that in the universe does for your soul (insert big smiles here) and your day to day schedule...

"Mariette talked me through what I was going through & listened rather than tell me what she 'thought' I needed. Brought out what was already there and more."
Daniel Z.
From Chicago to Fort Wayne, IN

A Note From Mariette...

On New Year's Eve 2003, I made a resolution to leave Chicago and move to San Diego that Summer. I started telling people. I think my Dad was holding in tears, my mom didn't even try to hold them in and my friends all felt like I was breaking up with them. It broke my heart but I was sooooo excited I could barely stand it. I went to work every day with a new pep in my step because I...had...a plan. I was a cheerleader my whole life so you can imagine how enthusiastic I already was, I felt like I was almost free to start living my life, my way! My coworkers were like 'what is going on with you?!?' I had a secret...5 short months from now I was going to move to San Diego! It no longer mattered that we had snow on the ground- this time next year, I'd be sitting on a beach, sipping on mai-tai's during my carefree weekends. I stopped shopping and started selling stuff, I started building my savings for the first time in my life. I was no longer feeling like I was trapped. The 1.5-2 hour commute to work no longer even bothered me. I want that for you! Stop dreaming and start planning. You never know, you might find that you're already where you need to be. But if not, we'll figure out how to get you there together.

Cheers to future you!

- Mariette