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Are You REALLY Ready To Make A Move?

 (Without wasting money, experiencing anxiety, or regretting your decision?)

If you’re an independent, but indecisive individual  dreaming of relocating but wish you had more confidence in your decision- FRED will help formulate your roadmap to live in the city of your dreams and thrive in the career of your dreams.

What if you stayed where you are for just 6 more months? You might feel more confident in things like your finances, moving to the right city or connecting to a community before you get there, would that help?

That approach might help you feel more content on your road to success but sometimes people are all or nothing- it seems obvious but sometimes it's not! If you really want to move, you need to sign up for this course- it will save you from making costly mistakes!

Disclaimer: Sometimes we self-sabotage, I cannot save you from that...




[and you wish someone would tell you]

  • F Is For Finances

    Moving is expensive. It's not just renting a truck or hiring movers. Local moves are priced way different than long-distance moves. There are a lot of hidden expenses along the way depending on where you're moving. We'll dig into that & prepare you for it.
  • R Is For Robustness

    Relocating is both mentally and physically taxing. Anxiety is normal, even for people who've never experienced it. Love squats? You'll get to do tons of them if you're moving efficiently. Preparing for the impending mental & physical stresses will help you be aware of what's going on in your body and how to combat them before they sabotage your plans.
  • E Is For Ecosystem

    Real Estate Agents and Property Managers can't tell you what's a 'good area' - it's actually illegal in the US! Let's get you connected to the community you want to move to so you don't experience the '6 Month Funk.' It's really a thing!
  • D Is For Dreams

    You have them. We all do. They probably scare the heck out of you but you want them so soo bad. What sets you apart from those that don't pursue them? We'll walk through what might be holding you back from going after them, teach you how to connect with people that might help you get closer to them, and feel more confident in why they've been on your heart for so. dang. long. 
  • Why A Framework?

    You have many 'parts' of you. 'They' say 150 of them but we typically have 5-10 dominant parts. The part of you that goes to work every day is different than the part of you that goes to brunch on Sundays. The part of you that plays game night with the family is different than the part of you that goes on the prowl with your girls. How do you get all the 'parts' of you in alignment and excited to make this move? Going through the FRED framework shows you where you need to lean in and why a proof of concept might make more sense at this point of your journey. 

Even though the reasons to pursue relocation are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but

Even though the motivation to change careers is clear, the path to actually doing it is anything but

A Ship In Harbor Is Safe

[but that's not what ships are made for*]

[The Dream]

You've been dreaming about moving to California for as long as you can remember but you've never even been to California. You do a 'Proof Of Concept' (POC for short) and spend a full month in California and you find that even though you thought you wanted to move to San Diego, San Francisco is more your jam. Your dream is evolving and the vision is becoming more clear. And you couldn't be more excited. *This quote from John A. Shedd is a call to action. Take it!

[The Plan]

We walk through FRED. We realize it's probably a good idea to stay where you are for just 8 more months. Why? You've got a plan to pay off your debt and have enough in savings to get there and live for 3 months. Long enough to find a new apartment. How do we know? Because we started by looking at apartment hunting sites priced it out. We also looked at how much movers would cost, we prepared for all the hidden fees and you listened to the city spotlights so you know that it's hard to get hired in California prior to actually living there. You're ready. You're already making friends online and you're ready to make the move. You've got this! 

[The Move]

YOU DID IT!!! You experienced a few bumps along the way but you knew they might be coming so you were prepared with a plan and they didn't throw you off course. You never thought this day would come but it's. now. here. GAAAAHHH!!! You're confident in your savings. You're actively interviewing for a new 9-5. You're feeling pretty good mentally and physically, you can't wait to run the stairs at the end of Lyon Street, grab a latte at the Wrecking Ball Coffee Roastery on your home where you make a pit stop at The Palace of Fine Arts and feed the birds or meditate on the soccer fields of Crissy Fields with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. You are finally in your happy place and your core memory is officially created. You feel at peace because you put the work in. Congratulations Future You!!! You deserve it!!

The Top 5 Reasons Why Most People Fail

(And why I built this framework for you!)
Reason 1

You're Already Drowning In Debt

Sure, most people have it. Do you think moving to a more expensive city will reduce it? Probably not. Will you want to buy new stuff for your new apartment? Probably. Will you want to shop at that cute boutique you saw when you were out on your POC trip? Probably. What's a few hundred more dollars on that huge pile of debt? You can out earn your stupid, right? Let's be honest...new feels good... temporarily. That false sense of security could totally throw off your financial game plan sending you back home reeeeal quick. So we need to plan for all those things. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Just sayin.

Reason 2

You're Winging It

YOLO, right?
How were you supposed to know that (insert dream city) doesn't let you rent an apartment without 17x the income of what your monthly rent is? That's ridiculous. 
But it happens. Now you're sweating it- you figured you'd get there and find a job because everyone's hiring, right? Shoot, not for the jobs you want. A little planning would have gone a long way in this case. 

Reason 3

You Didn't Anticipate The '6 Month Funk'

You land in your new city. You know a handful of people but you make friends quick so you join a running group to meet more and start realizing you hate running. But you need friends. And now you're realizing that the medical specialist you need for your auto-immune is out in the burbs. Shoot, how did I miss that? And your local grocery store doesn't have any of the brands you like. Nostalgia sets in and you start questioning why you wanted to move there in the first place. A POC would have prevented this. You might be right around the corner from being content.

Reason 4

You Had Never Experienced Anxiety 

Until it creeped in. Like a jerk.
Your higher self said this was your dream. You've been praying about it forever. You were meant to do this, you feel it in your soul. But your conscious mind is trying to protect you so you can't shake the feeling in the pit of your stomach that's telling you something isn't right. You can't shake this feeling of paycheck to paycheck and can't figure out why you felt like you had enough money when you were leaving for this journey. One of the parts of you is not onboard and you don't know why but it's keeping you from feeling like you made the right decision. We could have put a plan in place that would have helped you anticipate the anxiety that sends you packing and heading home with your figurative tail between your legs.  

Reason 5

It Didn't Get You Closer To Your Dreams

You really want to be an actor. You LOVE watching movies or TV and half the time feel like you could do a much better job than this cast. You discover there aren't many acting schools outside of the community college that puts on 2 plays a year but they won't get you to Broadway. What if you figured that out prior to moving to this new city? Would you have still moved there? Is that even still your dream? It may not be. And that's okay...unless it is and now you've spent all this money and are kicking yourself for not doing more homework. That's a tough pill to swallow unless you strategically moved there and had a back up plan for your dream.

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret!

Sometimes you are already where you need to be. Let me say that again...you may already be where you're meant to be!

Sometimes you go through FRED and figure out you're ready to go. And then you do a POC and realize, wait- I don't love this place like I thought I would. This is confusing!?! I thought I'd love it! Thank goodness I didn't move!!

BUT sometimes you go through FRED and the POC and it's better than you anticipated! And now you're on a mission to get there faster! Going through this course will help you figure that out. Or at the very least give you the four key areas that you need to figure out before uprooting your whole life and wasting a bunch of money. Not only do I have the experience under my sparkly little belt but I give you a ton of things to think about so when you make the decision, you are confident that you will integrate into this new community seamlessly without looking for 'signs' it's where you're meant to be. There is A LOT to consider and know about interstate moves that people don't often think about. Wouldn't it be nice to be proactive rather than reactive when those things arise? I've done it both ways and I promise, it's way better to be proactive with a solid plan. Tune into my podcast to hear some of them!


 The Digital Course!!

A Roadmap To Use When Deciding To Move


The Guarantee

I have an unshakeable confidence in the FRED Framework, but YOU have to do the work! 

I guarantee that this course will produce emotions, conversations and an excitement or anxiety about what's about to happen. I know from being a Certified Life Coach that people process those areas differently, some process quickly, some take a lot longer. I have a money back guarantee for two weeks. During those two weeks, if after you are journaling, thinking and even talking through the framework in your 1:1 with me and you still don't think it's right for you, I will give you your money back. 

BUT- if you start walking through and it gets 'too hard,' that might be your decision producing the outcome that you are just not ready to move yet.

AND THAT'S OKAY! That's why we have this framework- to figure that out. Those are hard feelings to feel. But they keep you from making an expensive mistake!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

A Roadmap To Use When Making A Move - $333 Value

  • The Brand New Digital Course - $111
  • (2) 45 Minute, One-on-One Coaching Sessions With Mariette - $350 Value
  • The Validation You Need To Move Forward (One Could Argue It's Priceless, But Usually Takes (6) Sessions To Figure Out Without The Course) - $1,111*

Total Value: $1,572


But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to

THE COURSE & COACHING for just $111!!!

One of my favorite 'Angel Numbers'! 

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'A Roadmap To Use When Deciding To Move'

is the PERFECT guide for you if…

  1. You've moved before and you're not scared to leave home but you feel like something is holding you back
  2. You don't know what's different this time?
  3. Or maybe you've never moved but are dying to get out of the town or career you're in now but don't know where to start?
  4. You wish you knew someone that could give you a little heads up on what to expect. 
  5. You want to work on your plan together so you feel both empowered and confident that you will thrive in your next chapter!
  6. You are sick of dreaming and want to make a decision once and for all.
  7. You're willing to put the work in if it means that you stop with all the FOMO.
  8. You are already investing several hours a week actively looking at rental or home listings on real estate sites.
  9. You're excited but dreading telling your friends and family.
  10. You've been on this site for way too long deciding whether it's worth it because you've never worked with a coach.

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That's okay! I don't want you to feel any pressure- there's enough of that in moving! 

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